Make FileMaker Go Talk to IOS Apps

Make FileMaker Go Talk to IOS Apps

Chris Ippolite, President of iSolutions, Inc., presented on One-Step Integration between FileMaker Go and iOS apps using fmp: scheme.  The 5 minute video directly below is a summary of the areas Ippolite covers in the session.

If you are not sure you are interested in this topic, watch this video for a taste of what is in the presentation video.  Skip below the intro video to watch the full length video.

The fmp: URL

The fmp: url command has been around a long time:  It allows a user to open/access a FileMaker database and even run a script, passing multiple parameter if desired.  The second command Ippolite uses in his presentation is the Open URL script step, used to send a command to another iOS app.  The DevCon session video below covers a lot of examples:

Session Description

URL schemes allow you to communicate with many apps simply using URLs. For example, FileMaker’s “fmp:” scheme lets you run scripts in a hosted FileMaker file.

Using just the “Open URL” script step, we can use URL schemes to open iOS apps from within FileMaker Go — and even pass data! This session explores how URL schemes can extend the functionality of your FileMaker Go apps, achieving exciting interactions on iOS 9.

Demos include:

It the teaser video above makes you want to know more, check out the whole video below:

Free FileMaker Example File Download and more.

There are downloadable example files, important links, and study materials at this link.

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