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Modal Popovers

Kevin Frank on Modal Popovers (love this idea) and using the Magic Value list technique (remember that?) to sort a list of dates that were returned as text.  Note the downloadable example file below.

Today we’re going to explore a couple ideas that were glossed over in last month’s article on the CustomList custom function…

  • implementing a “modal” popover
  • using a “magic” value list to display a properly sorted list of dates

…and you can download a copy of today’s demo file, Date Filtration, if you are so inclined.

Source: Modal Popovers + Magic Date Value Lists | FileMakerHacks

Playing Well With Others

If you haven’t seen this post, check it out. It’s a pretty thorough overview of what makes FileMaker unique in the development world, and does not get too technical, making it a quick, easy read for clients sitting on the fence.

It’s posted on, a website that draws writers from all areas of life, and is written by the folks at Automation USA, partly as a way to sell their solution, the RC2FM Connector.

It turns out, I have a client needing the services offered by this plugin:

  • Download call history, store voicemails and call recordings as MP3s, and store faxes as PDFs (incoming and outgoing) inside container fields within your FileMaker custom app.
  • Click/tap to call. Initiate outbound calls using any FileMaker supported device. Your call can be picked up on any smart phone, desk phone, or RingCentral Office® endpoint.
  • Send/receive Faxes directly into/out of FileMaker container fields. Or select from your device’s file system.
  • Send and receive SMS text messages right from FileMaker in near-real time. Turn your FileMaker custom app into a full-fledged text messaging app.

Pretty impressive list, and it’s sold as a software service (SaaS) at a reasonable price.  Best of all, it uses the FileMaker “Insert from URL” script step and WebViewers to integrate with FileMaker.

Source: “Playing well with others” — Integration in FileMaker Cloud – FileMaker – Medium

Your Clients Have Decision Fatigue, You Caused It and It’s Killing Sales

People want enough information and few inviting options, not endless emails and irrelevant choices.  This is true if you are selling custom software development, too. Don’t get too deep into features, instead talk to your clients about what it will do to make their life (and business) better and easier. I thought this advice especially prescient:

Details lead to decision fatigue and decision fatigue kills sales. Don’t give buyers another item on their to-do list or another email in their inbox. Instead, take on the role of an adviser and take everything you possibly can off potential customers’ plates.

Read the whole thing.

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