FileMaker Developer Interview – Nick Lightbody – YouTube

FileMaker Developer Interview – Nick Lightbody

Do you need to routinely update your (or a clients) website?  Would you like it to be fast and easy to do?  And how would you like the website you built to be blazingly fast?

Then you need to watch this interview of Nick Lightbody of DeskspaceCMS, about his FileMaker based Content Management System that allows a user to rapidly build and share content to a website…a website that is extraordinarily fast. What does that mean for the website? A fast website ranks better – much better – with search engines than slow sites.

As an additional bonus, Mike Beargie adds from his storehouse of knowledge to the interview. Thank you, Mike!


1:17  Nick Lightbody talks about designing for websites and FileMaker – build it for your smallest device.

3:26 Mike and Nick on Master/Detail views,  Portals vs Lists, Portal loading indicator

5:42  Long Polling and Web Sockets 

9:03 Server Speed and caching, speed enhancements

12:15 FileMaker Go–the beginning

14:32 FileMaker Go and Xcode

15:52 Deskspace CMS discussion

17:15 Nick on what gave him the idea to write deskspaceCMS software

18:40 Update:  Version 3 was just released!  (November 2016)

22:40 Don Clark’s testimonial of deskspaceCMS

23:47 Published the King James Bible on one page, and display it practically instantaneously.  Discussion on loading speed.

25:16 Mike Beargie on absolution of all responsibility when handing over a finished product to your client’s developer.

26:02  Versioning History Table on FileMaker Diff

28:19  Review of FM Perception from Geist

31:02 How Nick designs and builds:  Simple is the key word.

32.5 Minutes long

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