Filemaker DevCon 2015 Mike Beargie Interview – YouTube

Here’s what you’ll learn in this fascinating interview with Mainspring’s Mike Beargie:

  • Tips from his WebDirect presentation
  • The key to high performance in WebDirect
  • Which is better in WebDirect:  a concatenated text object or a field?
  • The best way to make a list in WebDirect
  • Optimizing the process flow for best performance
  • Speed increase in FileMaker WebDirect–verified by extensive testing
  • Free FileMaker Resources from the second part of his presentation (including, of course!)
  • Plugins, programs, youtube links
  • Beargie’s take on the direction FileMaker is heading
  • One of his favorite breweries (and his favorite Russian Stout)

There’s more, just listen to the whole interview!

FileMaker DevCon 2015 Mike Beargie Interview – YouTube

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