FileMaker Devcon 2015 – Carl Horton Interview, FMPHost

Here’s what you’ll learn in this interview with Carl Horton of FileMaker Hosting Pros:

  • FMPHost deals almost exclusively with FileMaker Servers
  • FMPHost does not do FileMaker development; Instead, they direct business to developers who use their services
  • Which cities in the world they have servers
  • All about their single pane of glass to to manage databases
  • Their backup strategy, which includes pushing backups to the client automatically
  • Which operating system they use
  • Which versions of FileMaker server and client they support
  • How they can increase ram, hard drive space, and processing power on the fly
  • Whether or not a developer can resell space on a dedicate server (yes, they can)
  • All about their 24 hour support via chat, phone, and email, with escalation as needed
  • Remote application support (FileMaker running on a virtual machine hooked up to a virtual server, both in the cloud)
  • Their 15 day trial
If you are in the market for FileMaker cloud database services, give these guys a try.  They know what they are doing and the prices are competitive.
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