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Building an online form can be tricky, and linking it to FileMaker even more so.

Tim Dietrich attacked the problem from a different perspective:  Use an online form builder, Wufoo, to take the pain out of the web building side.  Next, design a FileMaker solution, fmfoo, using PHP to link to Wufoo to FileMaker:

I released FMEasyWeb, which makes it easy to publish information in FileMaker databases to the Web, back in June. At that time, I mentioned that I was also working on another solution that’s designed to make it easy to collect information from Web forms and save it back to FileMaker.

That solution, which I’m calling fmfoo, acts as a bridge between Wufoo (an online service that makes it easy to setup online forms) and FileMaker. It’s a simple PHP script that takes the data collected via Wufoo and saves it in a FileMaker database.

That project has been on hold for awhile, but I finally found some time this weekend to wrap it up. I’m hoping to release it later today.

There are a few caveats (it requires FileMaker Server XML Web Publishing), but overall it’s easy to set up and customize.

And it’s free, as in Open Source.  Thanks, Tim!  There’s a download file plus instructions at the link.

Source: fmfoo: Preview Video

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