UX Design and Its Most Important Rules

Applying web design principles in UX (User Experience) is a useful enterprise, even though FileMaker database UX design and website design have fundamental differences:

  • Websites want to attract you to see new content, for the most part.  Databases tend to be more pedestrian, focusing on repeated data entry.
  • Websites often strive to get you to do something–click here, enter your email, buy something, register, etc.  As such, eye flow is critical.  They usually have only a few seconds to succeed.  Databases are used over and over again and the user gets familiar with the interface.

There are similarities, too:

  • Both strive to be easy to use and intuitive
  • Both should be pleasing to the eye–good color schemes, not too much on the screen.
  • Both should provide a logical, easy to see path for navigating through the process

It makes sense, therefore, for database designers to spend time learning basic design principles by studying what millions of web designers are doing on a daily basis.  Design principles stay the same, but the look and feel changes constantly.  Here are five rules to start with:

  • Rule #1 Meet the Expectations of Your User
  • Rule #2 Simplify Complex or Confusing Elements
  • Rule #3 Draw Engagement with Your Content or Message
  • Rule #4 Make Improving Usability a Strong Concern
  • Rule #5 Provide an Experience that’s Unique to Your Brand

Follow the link for a more in depth look.

Source: UX Design and Its Most Important Rules – UI/UX Design


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