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Have you ever heard of or considered using a PDF thumbnails for image display? It’s not as crazy as it sounds, and there are some sound reasons for doing so:

  • Files sizes are smaller for comparable images
  • PDF’s work on any computer OS
  • Document formatting is maintained
  • Password protection is available
  • Moves easily between mobile, web and desktop

That said, if you want to use PDF”s as images in FileMaker there are some tricks, and Kevin Frank of FileMakerhacks has done the research to help you make the transition:

If you work with digital images, you’ve probably noticed the trend towards using PDFs as an image file format. I doubt many of use could have foreseen this happening when the PDF format was introduced in 1993, but in many organizations PDF has become the standard file format for images.

The good news is that the GetThumbnail function now works with PDFs in container fields in FileMaker 14, and in this article I’m going to suggest a couple reasons why you might find this useful, and explore some nuances between how PDFs in container fields behave on the Mac vs. on the PC.

There’s a rather large download file (45mb) at the link, but it’s worth the download if you want or need to use PDF’s as images.

Source: PDF Thumbnails in FileMaker 14 | FileMakerHacks

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