New Formatting and Styling Options: FileMaker 14

How well do you know the new formatting and styling options in FileMaker 14?  Have you started using them? Daniel Wood of Digital Fusion has a great post (with a downloadable file) that dives a bit deeper:

FileMaker just keeps getting better!  With 14 we have more flexibility than ever before when it comes to creating gorgeous looking solutions. A number of a new layout styling options help make this possible. In this article we cover some of the new layout object styling options.

Some of the features covered include:

  • Placeholder text (a great feature)
  • Touch Keyboard control
  • Better scrollbars controls
  • Easier Tab styling
  • Field controls over buttons and icons
  • Styling options for checkboxes and radio buttons

And look at the comments for discussion about and links to Masked Password Fields.

Source: 14 for 14: New Layout Object Formatting and Styling Options

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