SVG Icon Pack

Free SVG Icon Pack – Check it out!

FileMaker Examples has a free download of a FileMaker database with, at last count, 89 SVG icons, all fully FileMaker compatible.  Which means FileMaker users are easily able to change the fill color as desired:

This SVG Icon Pack is not just any collection of SVG icons. These SVG icons are compatible with FileMakers ability to change the fill colour.

Now you can easily download and insert these into your own solutions.

SVG Icons Optimised For FileMaker

What do you get with this download?

  • A FileMaker database to manage all the SVG icons
  • A group of folders with all the SVG icons, using external storage from the FileMaker solution

Updates Every Month

On the 1st of every month the SVG Icon Pack will be updated. These updates with include more icons and a more advanced database to manage them.

SVG Icon

There is a download file of the SVG pack at the link below.


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Source: SVG Icon Pack

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