FileMaker iOS App SDK

FileMaker iOS App SDK – that’s a mouthful.  What exactly does it mean?

It means you, as a developer, have a powerful new way to share your FileMaker solution to an iOS device– your iPhone or iPad, for example.

It means vertical market solutions that open a the touch of a button, rather than having to open FileMaker Go first, then navigate to a host or a file location, then opening the file.  So, just like you open an email or photo app, you now open open a custom FileMaker solution that uses FileMaker Go to run the process.  It’s just easier for the user.

It means easier updates for you clients.

It also means easier deployment, using mobile device management (MDM) software.

It mean more training–check out this new training course from Richard Carlton:

But what does it mean for you, the FileMaker developer?

  • You’ll have use a Mac
  • You’ll have to become familiar with Xcode, Apple’s development software tool
  • You’ll have to how to navigate the Apple approval process for iOS apps
  • You’ll need to enroll in the Apple Developer Program at a cost of $99/year.
  • You’ll need to get some training…this is not easy to navigate on your own

Want more details?

Learn how to load your FileMaker iOS solution directly to your iOS device without going through the Apple store!

Todd Geist’s answers more of your questions with his post here.

Or register here for a free webinar this Friday.  Space is limited, so get on board now.


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