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soSIMPLE Calendar

As a developer, deciding what you will build versus what you should buy (or what is available for free) is often a critical decision. Make the wrong choice might result in wasted time, an inferior solution, or a product that won’t work on all platforms – Client, Go, WebDirect, or server.

A calendar is a great example: Should you build your own, us a free one or buy one and add it to your solution? If you build your own, will you be able to get it done on time and working correctly?  Will it integrate with other calendars like google or Outlook?  Check out the soSimple Calendar: a powerful calendar that works with client, server, Go and on the web. It’s been extensively tested for compatibility and functionality, and might be the best solution for you and your client.  Check out what Ken and Lauren have to say:

It’s not really a bolton solution

Ken says it’s not a bolt on calendar: instead it’s look and feel is as if it was embedded, and it works everywhere you need it to work:

FileMaker Pro
FileMaker Go
FileMaker WebDirect
on any smartphone
on any tablet
on your iPad
on your web site (WebDirect NOT required)
as an iCal subscription (NO extra cost!)
standalone, or with FileMaker Server
write once – deploy anywhere

Give it a test drive: It may be just what you need.

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