FileMaker and Amazon Web Services (AWS)

FileMaker and Amazon Web Services

Mike Duncan and Bill Heizer of Soliant Consulting presented at DevCon 2017 on FileMaker and Amazon Web Services (AWS).  First, kudos to both for tackling a large and complex topic in less than an hour.  By necessity, they had to take a high level view, meaning it’s not really a good primer for learning how to do all they show.  But it is a great roadmap of features and capabilities.

If you plan to use AWS (or are just thinking about it), you need to watch this video:

Developers:  You’ll get a decent overview of what it takes to start using AWS.

Everyone else:  You’ll get a decent overview of the capabilities of AWS and how they will help your organization.

Topics covered in this video:

  • Making an AWS account
  • An overview of the terminology
  • An overview of the various AWS services
  • Configuring an EC2 instance
  • An overview of using VPC and other security options
  • Identity and Access Management
  • Pricing examples

AppStream 2 ( at the 40:25 mark)

This new Terminal Service type program has huge possibilities for Remote FileMaker Users.  Essentially, it provides full FileMaker capability via a web browser with these capabilities:

  • Producing and printing a pdf report
  • Sharing items from your hard drive to a shared storage area
  • Opening multiple windows at one time
  • Plugin usage
  • It’s fast

My initial take:  if the cost is reasonable (and from the info provided it seems to be), this gives fast, full featured access to a FileMaker solution via a web browser.  And it is way more powerful than WebDirect. I need to do more research on this, but the possibilities are exciting.

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