FileMaker DevCon 2017 – 360Works Interview

FileMaker DevCon 2017 360works Interview

Every FileMaker developer with more than a week’s worth of experience knows about 360works.  I have been helped by many, if not all, of the fine people who work there (Charis, it’s always nice to hear your voice when I call for help).  And at DevCon 2017, I finally met and interviewed three of them I have spoken with in the last year:  Meet Arnold, Sterling, and Charis:

Lots of New Stuff

The staff at 360works has been busy in the past year, cranking out a major update to their plugin platform and new versions of their existing products.

The newest product in their lineup is 360Deploy:

360Deploy: Updating an already deployed database? Migrating data? Adding improvements to a live database? It can all be a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. Let the experts at 360Works introduce you to automated rollouts! Say goodbye to the complexities of the separation model, skip the tedious data imports, and stop risking data loss. In this session learn how 360Works newest tool, 360Deploy, makes it a simple operation for you to roll out updated database versions to FileMaker Server: yours, your clients, or your vertical market customers.

Here’s the latest product listing from 360works, directly from their website:

MirrorSync Easy to use synchronization tool that links FileMaker Server to FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, MySQL, Oracle and more
Zulu Sync your events across devices, calendars, and more
CloudMail Send and track email marketing campaigns
DocuBin Cross-platform tool for document and digital asset management
SuperContainer The ultimate document storage tool for FileMaker
Plastic Payment processing plug-in, now featuring: payment tokenization, subscriptions, ACH, and much more in Plastic 2.
Scribe Read and write PDF, Word, and Excel files
ScriptMaster Advanced Adds many new functions & create custom plug-ins
Email Send and receive text and HTML emails in FileMaker
FTPeek FTP upload and download from your FileMaker database
Web Services Manager Publish FileMaker scripts as XML Web Services
RemoteScripter Trigger scripts on FileMaker Pro from the web or IWP
WebAssistant Access internet resources, URLs, and fill out web forms
JDBC SQL access with JDBC Compatibility
Charts Easy-to-use charting for FileMaker
AdminAnywhere Administer FileMaker Server from a browser or smartphone
Portfolio Bundle All of our products for one low price!

Where’s Jesse?

Some you may be wondering: Where was Jesse Barnum during all of this?  If you look at the right side of the video, you’ll see the back of his white work coat!  I stopped by the booth several times, but Jesse was always busy talking, being interviewed, or off demonstrating a product or offering.  I’ll catch up with him next year.

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