Simple FileMaker Pro 13 Popover Close in One Script

It’s sometimes amazing how time wasting the smallest things can be.  Take the subject of the blog post by David Thorpe of Excelisys.  The object is to, in one script, keep a popover from dismissing if clicked anyway other than with a specific menu item:

You tap the bookmarks icon, it pops down a popover with the list of bookmarks in it, you choose one, and it goes away.  Or if you change your mind and don’t want to choose one then you tap anywhere outside of it, and that makes it go away without selecting anything.  And that’s the key there. They are designed to dismiss if you click outside of them…

But we (the FileMaker Pro Dev community), as we usually do with new FileMaker Pro features, have come up with all sorts of other uses for them.  I was considering a blog post on some of these unconventional uses, but it’s kinda been done to death already by others.  For starters, see here: a couple of these examples, stopping it from dismissing via any means other than clicking a specific button, is desired.

What inspired me (other than my need for it in a current client project) was the end of that article where the author (Howard Schlossberg) noted a solution to that problem, but also noted he couldn’t figure out how to do it in one script, instead needing two…

There’s a number of methods to stop FileMaker pro 13 popovers from closing when clicking outside, while allowing them to close when clicking a button within.  Most involve two scripts.  Here’s a simple way to do it all in one script. And it’s completely generic – can be applied to any popovers in a solution without adjustment!

As you will see from the post, others have spent time noodling over this seemingly simple request.  And David spent some more time attacking the problem, finding the solution, slapping together a nice downloadable example file, and writing up a blog post.

That is the power of giving, and I, for one, am grateful for those who spend the time to share their secrets with the rest of the FileMaker community, making the whole stronger, and raising the rest with their efforts.  Read the whole thing.

Simple FileMaker Pro 13 Popover Close in One Script.

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