Blurring the Distinction between Schema and Data, Part 1

I ‘m not sure where to start with this new post by Kevin Frank:

The overall goal of the presentation was to explore various ways one might move business or presentation logic out of its normal location in the schema layer, and into either a) the data layer, or b) some other, non-standard, schematic realm. An example of the former might be to store object names or calculation syntax as data in a table; an example of the latter might be to change the behavior of an object (e.g., a field or script) simply by renaming the object itself.

He then gives 6 different examples in great detail, and this is just Part 1!  All of it is advanced development techniques, so be prepared to study.  Here is a list of the main topics:

  • GetFieldName() and Get(ScriptName)
  • Runtime code, XML validation & more
  • International Addressing (runtime code)
  • Internal Layout IDs, part 1
  • Internal Layout IDs, part 2
  • Support for Multiple Languages (dynamic variable instantiation)

Frank presented all of these topics at the latest Pause on Error in Portland.  Hustle on over and get busy.  It’s worth it!

via Blurring the Distinction between Schema and Data, part 1 | FileMakerHacks.

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