FileMaker Xero Accounting Integration – YouTube

Are you using the Xero Online accounting system?  Or maybe some other online system for some specific business purpose, say an online store or a shopping cart?  

If the system has an Application Programming Interface (API), then FileMaker can be modified to work with it directly.  Databuzz, out of Sydney, Australia, has a nice demo video showing how they linked FileMaker with Xero.  Check it out and remember this can be done with any online solutions with an API.

And for those online solutions without an API (and they are legion), there are other ways to hook up to them, as well.  The lesson is, there are many ways to integrate online data with FileMaker.

Published on Oct 30, 2014

A demonstration of how you can integrate FileMaker Pro with the Xero online accounting software. Demonstrates pushing Contacts, Invoices and Payments from FileMaker Pro and downloading the Chart of Accounts. Visit our website for more information:…

FileMaker Xero Accounting Integration – YouTube.

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