Self Clearing Process Locks in FileMaker

A SELF CLEARING PROCESS LOCK?  Not the sexiest of topics, but exciting to those who have had to deal with clearing locked processes manually.  Thanks to Kevin Franks for posting this solution, although credit for the work belongs to Bob Gossam of Absolute Advantage for developing this technique:

Occasionally we need to program a process that should only be done by one user. The most typical approach is to set a field at the start of the process, and then clear it when you are done. This generally works unless the user quits or crashes FMP, at which point the process will  be improperly locked.

This file shows a method that locks a procedure with record locking. If the user that locks the process quits or crashes, the process will automatically be re-opened for other users.

Be sure to download the sample file for more information on clearing process locks.

More…Process Lock that Clears Itself | FileMakerHacks.

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