How FileMaker helped make Gravity possible

A FASCINATING LOOK AT FILEMAKER in the movie industry, in this case how it was used to help make “Gravity”, the Hollywood Blockbuster with George Clooney and Sandra Bullock:

This is where FileMaker made its way onto the big screen. When the film is broken down into 500 shots, with each comprising 30 sequences, with 366 shot set ups and 2409 takes; you start to realise the importance of managing this data. FileMaker not only helps Framestore control the setup in the studio, it also helps capture the reams of data. For example, during the filming of Gravity, cameras had to be mounted on a large robot and constantly adjusted throughout the take. Using FileMaker, Framestore tracked everything related to the camera throughout a scene, from the lighting levels that are so crucial when producing visual effects, through to the exact position of the camera at specific points within the take…

The film industry is as good an example as any of the value of a fully customisable database solution. As Alex mentioned at the Apple store, every film is different and Gravity required a bespoke database tracking thousands of variables. Each and every project needs a database that will work for its specific requirements, rather than forcing Framestore to adapt its needs to those of a pre-existing  solution. This flexibility, allied with the ability to set up a new database at the drop of a hat, be that by exporting a humble spreadsheet or starting completely from scratch, is crucial for such big money projects that need to get up and running immediately.

FileMaker’s biggest strength is not it’s scalability or extensibility, it is its ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances.  As processes and needs arise and change, FileMaker adapts with it, at reasonable costs compared to the alternatives.

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