Nic Orr and Salvatore Colangelo at FileMaker DevCon 2017

Nic Orr and Salvatore Colangelo at FileMaker DevCon 2017.

I interviewed Nic Orr and Salvatore Colangelo on the exhibition floor at DevCon 2017.  I had never met either before, and enjoyed our meeting.  And, as usual, I learned a lot.

Nic is the developer Goya’s BaseElements, RefreshFM, RESTfm, and the BaseElements plugin, a plugin used by a large and growing number of FileMaker developers.  I use it in almost every solution, and am a subscriber of the $199 per year support fee. That fee helps support further development and, more importantly, provides email support from Nic. Very much worth it.

In this interview, you’ll learn about Nic’s vendor presentation on the differences between the new FileMaker Pro Data API, which is REST based, and RESTfm, a free solution from GOYA.  Download Nic’s presentation here. A video from Nic is coming soon, but take the time watch this presentation if you want to know more about REST.

Salvatore talks about his presentation (which you will definitely want to see when it is released by FileMaker) on how to get a start on integrating an API with FileMaker. As most of you know, I feel FileMaker developer will need to know how to integrate web services with FileMaker in order to succeed in the future. Salvatore’s presentation makes that easier to do.

Check out the interview here:

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