Mike Beargie Interview at FileMaker DevCon

Mike Beargie of Mainspring

Mike starts off with two key changes at Mainspring over the past year that resulted in 90% plus utilization for their developers…think about that number.  By streamlining their project management and sales processes, they have increased sales, efficiency and have work lined up and assigned to the right people:

Mike’s interview covers a wealth of topics:

  • Business process improvements
  • Stress Reduction for FileMaker Developers (it’s a free program for FileMaker 16 Users)
  • Mike’s presentation in the Advanced track: ADV005 – Augmenting the iOS App SDK – Mike Beargie
    • FileMaker iOS SDK
    • FM added Plugins capability to the iOS SKD and to FileMaker Cloud
    • TrackFM, which tracks GPS information over time
    • MonkeyBread Software’s iOS plugin
    • Showed how to unzip a zip file already in a container field, modify the pics, and then attach the pics to individual records via container fields
    • Showed how to create merge documents on the fly in FM Go
    • Demonstrated the BaseElements iOS plugin by processing javascript text to use regular expressions to extract email addresses
      • Flattened several arrays into one array
      • Showed that a loop function will work
    • And all of the above works offline – no internet connection, no need to send work to a server
  • Keeping up with FileMaker by listening to and watching all of the sessions after FileMaker posts video sessions
  • The increase in the level of activity of the FileMaker Community over the past three years
  • Integrating other technologies into FileMaker and the challenges existing FileMaker only developers
  • The REST API and how it will change how we develop
  • NodeJS and other courses available on Linda.com
  • The value of learning the language of other developing technologies
  • Mike’s upcoming presentation at DevCon Japan in October on developing a multilingual FileMaker interface

There’s more – the above list is just the highlights.  Watch the whole interview to learn more.

No one rises to low expectations.


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