FileMaker Go, iBeacons, GeoFencing, and TimeCards

FileMaker Go, iBeacons, GeoFencing, and TimeCards

Gerard Beutler’s idea to use iBeacons is simple and obvious, just like most AHA! moments. Meaning it’s only simple and obvious after that moment.  iBeacons are generally attached to fixed locations and wait for someone to walk by so they can be notified that something of interest is there. In this case, the iBeacon is used to track the location of onsite employees:  when they are in range (geofencing) of their destination, and what time they are there.

Learn more about his custom FileMaker solution in this Facebook Live video from FileMakerDevcon2017:

This concept broadens the uses for iBeacons and for FileMaker, so a win win for both.

To get started on iBeacons and Apple, try this pdf from Apple.

To get started with FileMaker and iBeacons, check this out.

Bonus: To use FileMaker 16 with iBeacons in a more traditional way, check out this video from Cirrus Logic Software:

One item of note from the above video:  you can turn your iPhone into an iBeacon for testing purposes.

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