BrilliantSync and LuminFire

Synch FileMaker to almost anything. Easily.

Tim Cimbura has rebranded: is now Luminfire.  Tim’s company offers a variety of products and services, one of which is a brand new service called BrilliantSync:


BrilliantSync uses ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) And ESS (External SQL Sources) to connect FileMaker automatically to a variety of services such as Gravity Forms, MailChimp, Woo Commerce, and WordPress.

This is good news for those FileMaker developers who need to provide this connectivity but don’t want to learn the API or methodology for each service.  And sometimes, providing a one off like this for a client is the best solution.

BrilliantSync does all the work behind the scenes and stores the data on their server, then makes it available to you via ODBC and ESS (at least, that is how it appears to work to me).  Simply put, it means you can add tables from their server to your solution and collect the data from there using standard FileMaker programming techniques.

Smart.  It already works with a list of common services, and you can request a connection to your favorite service if it does not already exist.

Check out this video for an example of this at work.

Note:  BrilliantSync ships in September.

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