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Lots of things happening in the World of FileMaker

360Works released a FileMaker Cloud compatible version of MirrorSync, version 3.1 

Some of the key features:

  • Faster synching records
  • Faster synch configuration
  • Faster insert operations
  • Improved self-repairing of sync data if dupes exist

And more, of course.  Check it out for all the details.

FileMaker and Stripe

Damien Howell, of DB Services, delves into using Stripe with FileMaker.

His presentation (including an 8 minute youtube video) is very helpful in describing the overall process of connecting with Stripe and includes some tools (the BaseElements plugin) and information about what to send and what to expect back (JSON).

Sadly, it is lacking a demo file, but there is enough there for a fellow developer to get a good start.

Update–David Happersberger of DB Services let me know there is a downloadable example file link at the bottom of the page.  You will need to fill out a short form.

FileMaker developers have plenty of question about FileMaker Cloud.  Get plenty of answers from FileMaker here.

FileMaker 15 and macOS Sierra

I wish I had read this before I upgraded.  I’ve experienced all three of these with FileMaker 15.o.2:

  • Opening a database can cause multiple prompts for FileMaker to download and install missing fonts.
  • Script names fail to render in Script Workspace after resizing the left sidebar and scrolling the list without selecting a script.
  • Editing a script while duplicating or scrolling the script at the same time may cause FileMaker Pro to crash.

The first two a bit bothersome, the third one is no fun at all.

FileMaker 15.0.1  (Client and Server) has it’s own list, including little things like FileMaker WebDirect, PHP, and XML possible not working.

Click here for the complete list of problems.

FileMaker Trial period changes and FileMaker Cloud Trial period length

Beginning September 27, 2016, FileMaker cut the trial period for all free trials in half – they are now 15 days instead of 30. This has already impacted one of my clients.  They were using a trial period to test a solution before making a large purchase.  A minor inconvenience, but an inconvenience nevertheless.  Individuals currently evaluating the FileMaker Platform via a trial will not be impacted.

If your are evaluating FileMaker Cloud, you will not be charged for the software during the free trial period. Amazon Web Services will charge for the compute time during the trial period, however.

Choose One

A great quote from Seth Godin that applies well to FileMaker (and any other) software development:

Either you dazzle with as much hype as you can get away with, or you invest in delighting people, regardless of how difficult it is.

Read the post here.

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