FileMaker Developer Interview – Todd Geist–YouTube

FileMaker Developer Interviews – Todd Geist

Sit down and get ready to learn about one of the FileMaker Community’s more resourceful members, Todd Geist of Geist Interactive.  Geist is the definition of busy, with a new product release–FM Perceptions–and two presentations at DevCon2016.

Todd is very personable, contributes plenty to the FileMaker community, and started, with his wife, a great non-profit in the education area, One Spark Academy, that helps students in the Santa Monica area.

Todd is also leading the way in FileMaker integration with JavaScript and Node.js (Server side JavaScript), opening a path to larger audiences and enterprise level performance.


A Production at FileMaker Devcon 2016
Donald Clark,, Albuquerque, NM

Video Timeline:

00:27 Todd Geist
Geist Interactive
Newbury Park, CA
00:55 Geist Interactive Product FM Perception™
Helps you identify variables and where they are everywhere NOW!

Has commands that help you run the DDR

It keeps you in your development mode by giving you answers to questions without stopping and waiting.
03:09 First Presentation at DEVCON

“Web: JavaScript is Eating the World”

Use Node.js to build custom servers connected to the FileMaker Platform.
04:20 Don Clark
Albuquerque, NM
FM Pro Gurus
FM Database Consulting
05:30  2nd Presentation at DEVCON

“Mobility: iOS App SDK –
The Launcher File”

A software development kit that will package out your FileMaker Go™ Apps as Native Apps
07:20 Both Sessions Contained
Live Coding

This involved taking a risk in front of the audience with only one hour to solve and problems that could arise.

09:20 Background on Todd

Medical Research in St. Louis at Washington University (1990s)

Started using Hypercard and then created a database in FileMaker

Left Academics in 1997 to become a FileMaker Developer

11:20 Favorite Plugins

FM Perception™

Base Elements™
12:30 Todd’s Activities

Trail Running
Science Fiction Books
13:45 The Evolution of JavaScript

No Corporate Body
(All Open Source)

“Allows thousands of people with no hierarchy to get things done.”
14:30 Two Kinds of JavaScript

Browser Oriented

(Server side JavaScript)

Unique Nonprofit Learning Center
Thousand Oaks, CA

Aimed at Home-Schooled and Independent Study Students

Some 9-12 Classes

17:55 FBA Partner Council

9 Outside Members
4 FileMaker Members

Facilitate Communication between the Broader Community and Filemaker

19:10 FBA Council

Keep a Loop Going

Go to Bat for the Developers
Help FileMaker Clear any Misperceptions
22:00 Todd Geist
“I’ve never been more excited about the direction of FileMaker.”

Expanding our Company
Newbury Park, CA
24:48:00 Wrap it up

Todd Geist
Geist Interactive
Newbury Park, CA
26 Minutes long

FileMaker Developer Interviews – Todd Geist
A Production at FileMaker Devcon 2016 in Vegas
Donald Clark,, Albuquerque, NM
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