Integrating JavaScript and FileMaker

Integrating JavaScript and FileMaker

If you are like me, the thought of learning the particulars of another language and integrating it with FileMaker probably makes you think “I don’t have the time”.

Make Time

And start by watching Todd Geist’s DevCon presentation: “Javascript is Eating the World”. Geist walks you through the history of Javascript, including:

  • There is no relation between Java and JavaScript (“JavaScript” is a trademark of Oracle Corporation, but Netscape licenses JavaScript, aka ECMAScript)
  • JavaScript was invented by Brendan Eich  at Netscape in 10 days in May 1995
  • Javascript’s real name is ECMAScript
  • Javascript is loaded into all browsers
  • Node.js, the server version of Javascript, took Javascript to the next level due to it’s speed and insane scalability
  • Javascript integrates with severals major frameworks, such as Ember, Angular, and React.js
  • Javascript is the only language with native support across the entire FileMaker Platform

Install and Setup

Next is the install and setup.  This part is rich with information, giving the steps necessary to get started quickly, letting you skip those parts where you get stuck wondering what you are supposed to do next.

Take away the pain

As I said, Geist takes away a lot of the pain, including links to materials he used in the presentation:

And follow this link to download the session files (you’ll want these, too).

Integration with FileMaker

Geist wrote his own implementation integrating Javascript and FileMaker and shared it on GitHub (link above), and shares his favorite tools for working in the JavaScript environment. So what are you waiting for? Start learning JavaScript and connect to the rest of the world now.

Get to know Todd Geist

Check out this FileMaker Pro Gurus interview with Todd.  

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