Multi-State Dynamic Graphic Buttons

The driving force behind Kevin Frank’s latest post is a request from a client to have two different images on a button:  one regular and a different one on hover.  Not hard at all, unless you need to update the button images on several different layouts on the fly.  Frank, with the help of some talented developers, offers three solutions, with a download file for each.  And different solutions for FileMaker 13 than FileMaker 14:

Interestingly, the v2 technique has zero latency in FM 14, but has about 1.5 seconds of latency in FM 13, and it turns out that the inner shadow “blur” is the culprit. Our final demo today shows a couple approaches one might use to achieve a zero-latency dynamic image button pressed state in FM 13.

Check it out, be ready to learn and definitely download the example files at the link:

Source: Multi-State Dynamic Graphic Buttons | FileMakerHacks

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