fmEasyAPI – Simple, RESTful API Server for the FileMaker Platform

Tim Dietrich may have moved on from FileMaker developing, but it seems he isn’t done giving back to the FileMaker community at large.  This time, he needed to pull FileMaker data from Xojo, a platform for developing native apps for desktops, web, iOS and Raspberry Pi.:

fmEasyAPI is a simple, RESTful API server for the FileMaker platform. It’s very basic, but it gets the job done – making it super easy to quickly wire up a RESTful API for data stored in a hosted FileMaker database.

fmEasyAPI uses FileMaker Server’s XML Custom Web Publishing function to make calls to the database. It takes the XML formatted response, JSON-encodes it, and returns it to the caller. It also handles requests for binary data (image files, for example) stored in FileMaker container fields.

As usual, his solutions are open source (read free) and he includes a great downloadable example file. Check it out and get back on how well it works.


Source: fmEasyAPI: Simple, RESTful API Server for the FileMaker Platform

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