FileMaker 14 WebDirect

Mike Duncan explores FileMaker 14 WebDirect, and offers some great tips and trick in addition to discussing new features:

  • New Launch Center
  • More Concurrent Users
  • A Better Toolbar
  • Expanded Browser Support
  • Support for passing parameters and for deep linking
  • Custom home page options
  • Redirects in HTML

I particularly like the discussion of bypassing the Launch Center and customizing the process of lining to the database from anywhere, and guiding the user to a specific page on logout:

If you want your guests to see a custom home page instead of the new and improved Launch Center, that can be done as well. This works the same way it did in the previous version of WebDirect, but I see it asked often enough that I think it bears repeating.

First, set all databases NOT to show in the WebDirect listing. Configure this in the file from FileMaker Pro by going to File>Sharing>Configure for FileMaker WebDirect. From there, you can choose to NOT display on the WebDirect home page by ticking the box.

Create a web page that redirects to your file. This page can be hosted anywhere, and does not need to be on the same server as your FileMaker files. Redirect users to your WebDirect hosted file with this structure:


You can send your users this link, but I recommend sending your users to a custom page that redirects them into your WebDirect file. And when they time out/log out, get redirected where you want them to go. Just be careful not to log them out to a page that redirects them right back in.

The experience is much cleaner and more professional for the user.  Read it all…

Source: WebDirect for FileMaker Server 14 – Soliant Consulting

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