Multi-Point Google Maps for FileMaker

Seedcode sells ProMaps and GoMaps, both open code solutions designed to easily allow multi-point google maps in FileMaker.

And, as is always the case, developers extend the capabilities of the original code to encompass some neat results:

Filtering (and Color Coding) Based on Found Sets.

This first mod was done by Lisette Wilson of Informing Designs; she’s linked ProMaps to SeedCode Calendar so that the contents of the map change as users navigate the calendar. That alone is pretty cool, but she’s also letting users change the way the appointments on the map are color coded. In the first screenshot they’re color coding by the customer’s tank capacity…

Creating a Found Set by Circling Pins on the Map

The mod below was done by David McCulloch and represents a really cool workflow. He looks at his customers on the map–having filtered them down by zone and account type–and then draws a polygon around the ones he’s interested in. His scripts then gather the selected pins into a found set to which he assigns a sales rep and a date to visit them.

If you are looking for a quick, easy, and extensible way to add multi-point maps, give ProMaps a look.

Mods: Multi-Point Google Maps for FileMaker – SeedCode.

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