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This is a great story. I just can’t understand people who hold children in bondage, and I’m glad there are people like Satyarthi leading the fight to stop it.  The fact that FileMaker is used to help make them more effective is nice is a good thing to know:

GoodWeave International, founded by Nobel Peace Prize winner, Kailash Satyarthi, uses FileMaker for 3500 inspections annually

2014 Nobel Peace Laureate Kailash Satyarthi began rescuing children from bondage in the 1980s across South Asia, conducting peaceful rescue raids and liberating children who were enduring extreme violence. After one raid, when he went to board a train home, he saw dozens of children in the hands of middlemen, destined for the rug looms…

Inspections covering 39,000 workers

In 1999 when GoodWeave’s U.S. organization was founded, it began working with FileMaker Business Alliance Member Colibri Solutions, LLC to create a custom database that streamlined nearly every aspect of the nonprofit’s operations. Today, the FileMaker solution helps the headquarters staff manage communications, website updates, fundraising and financial management. Believing in the GoodWeave cause, Colibri has contributed much of the development work pro bono.

“In any nonprofit, the priority is to make the work sustainable, and this includes raising and using money effectively,” says Smith. “Without our FileMaker solution, it would be nearly impossible to manage our funding relationships.”

In addition to fund development management, GoodWeave uses FileMaker to track supply chain inspection data. Currently, forty-five field personnel complete inspections and report on close to 3,500 factory inspections annually covering 39,000 plus workers. The inspections are difficult, because the carpet-making trade is a cottage industry dispersed among tens of thousands small factories, village “loom-sheds” and even inside of homes.

GoodWeave International.

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