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WordPress to FileMaker can be a challenge.  Agnes Riley outlines a pretty straightforward method of connecting to Contact 7 database, a popular plugin in the WordPress world:

I’m using the ContactForm7 plug-in to collect the information. Visitors can fill out the form and submit the info. The great thing is the plug-in works well, it even has a CAPTCHA element (separate plug-in required) so you won’t get spammed by bots. It however can only email the data from the form collecting all the  data and dumping in the body of the email. That is as far from a relational database as it can be. So after a little digging I found another plug-in (Contact Form DB) that can dump the collected data into a MySQL database. I was excited like a little kid. Then came the next hurdle: all the fields with their data created a new record. And the MySQL timestamp, of course is not oh so delightful. By the way, I use Navicat for working with SQL tables, but you can use PHPmySQL, and that will do the job, as well. 

I like the way she’s going to grab the data automatically via a server side script every so often – completely automatic.

Should you need to pull information from the standard WordPress tables, you’ll find these guides handy:

WordPress Database Description

Also be aware that some WordPress developers will re-use the default tables in a manner different from their original purpose, possibly leading to problems with data mapping.

Getting Data from a WordPress form to FileMaker Database .

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