Lessons from Joe Cool at Dreamforce

I’ve wanted to meet Joe Montana since his glory days winning the national championship at Notre Dame in the late 70’s.  The dude was always cool, more so under pressure.  The closest I came was meeting Lou Holtz in the early 90’s when he was head coach at Notre Dame.  Another inspiring person, Holtz had a top 100 list (now called a bucket list) back then, and had achieved most of the list already.  Meeting the Pope was one things still to do, and he did that a few years later.

Holtz was very funny and entertaining, but his core message was simple:  W.I.N.  What’s important Now.  He constantly evaluated his situation and asked that question, then acted on the answer to his own question.  It seems that successful people have some way to keep themselves focused and on track.

Craig Stabler, of Soliant Computing, attended a speech by Joe Montana, AKA Joe Cool, at a conference recently, and relates a few high points in a blog postL

I had the pleasure of seeing legendary NFL quarterback Joe Montana speak at salesforce.com’s annual Dreamforce conference recently.  Joe is 56, but looks like you could stick him in a jersey now and he could still play.  Joe’s storied ability to keep calm and lead his team to victory when it counted earned him the nickname ”Joe Cool.” The Hall of Famer shared tips that contributed to his success:

  • Nail the fundamentals.  Practice them over and over, until they are second nature.  Montana put extra effort into these throughout his career, working with his father as a boy and legendary coaches like Ara Parseghian and Bill Walsh during college and the NFL.

  • Preparation is everything.  Montana spent hours and hours watching game film to prepare for opponents so that he could recognize anything they threw at him and he’d adjust.  He was ahead of his time here, as this is now a common practice.


Over the years, I’ve been privileged to listen to many good motivation speakers, and the message always comes back to a few core beliefs:  work hard, prepare, master what you do, and learn from your failures (you will have some).  And never give up on your dream.
Read the whole article by Craig.  And keep on striving.

Lessons from Joe Cool at Dreamforce.

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