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Do you look for new ways to develop FileMaker solutions?  Are you on the bleeding leading edge?  I’ll bet most of you are, if only because your clients challenge you to on a routine basis to more  than you thought possible, or to find a better way to do it.  Jacob Unsworth, of Linear Blue, discusses just this issue in his latest:

As developers one of the hardest things for us year on year is pushing the limits of what we write and can feasibly do as developers. This leads us to get stuck in habits, whether that is code related in terms of syntax, structure related or interface. We like to do the same things repetitively because we know they work and stepping into the bounds of new material would mean having to debug the process from scratch and test it within a user environment which none of us enjoy.

Typically after we’ve gone through some extent of training to learn how to use FileMaker, or any language for that matter, we stick to the same way of doing things, maybe because we only know that way, and learning a new way comes from talking to someone that has done it before and has a different way to you which you either adopt or believe yours is better and leave by the wayside…

In the end there’s no absolute right or wrong way. However, there are ways that would lead you to better results, and better performance. Being scared to try something new just because it’s not something you’ve done before will only lead to not being able to program and code better in the future, and pushing boundaries is the best way to learn.

Today’s theme seems to be motivational in nature.   Keep striving, keep learning, don’t be afraid to take chances.

Always worth writing about. Read the whole thing.

Old ways vs New ways – Linear Chat.

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