Export FileMaker .ics Calendar Files to Mac and PC

Douglas Alder puts his virtual list to good use again (the last time was for vcard export) to export calendar (.ics) files from FileMaker to just about any calendar program.


The purpose of this module and scripts are to export an .ics file for importing into Calendar applications. The scripts anticipate Single Event or Batch event export. The Main script has a branch for Saving the export file to disk (and opening in the local calendar app) or Emailing the event file. .ics files can be read by most calendar apps such as Google Calendar, Apple Calendar, Microsoft Outlook etc. The script is designed for integration with data tables that include a Start Date, Start Time, End Time, Event Name and Event Description at a minimum.

Why use a Virtual List to Export this file?

The reason for using the Virtual List technique is because of UTF-8 text formatting issues. Export Field Contents generates a UTF-16 formatted text file, which some Calendar apps don’t see as valid. Export Records has the option of generating a UTF-8 formatted text file, which Calendar apps accept. The export should work on Mac/Windows and iOS. The export file type is set to Windows ANSI, which seems to work on both platforms.

Mission accomplished!  One of my colleagues uses it on Outlook on a PC, and it also works flawlessly on a Mac.

Best of all, it’s free, modular, and available for download on ModularFileMaker.org.

Export .ics Calendar Files – Modular FileMaker.

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