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Design Trends 2016

Great tips on design trends in 2016, along with ideas on implementation, by Brian Jens of DesignContest:

Do you think that design trends is not a topic you should know more about to help your business?

If you have planned to get some graphic design in 2016 – creating a new logo or building a website for your company or even doing some landing pages and t-shits as a promo gifts – you’d better know what design trends will be at the top. You’ll find out how to make your visible objects catchy and what to write in your design brief to get an up to date design. Enjoy!

Each specific field of design has its own detailed trend predictions – logos, colors, webdesign, technical solutions… Here’s our top list of the best points to stay ahead, which impressed us most of all.

Here’s what Jens covers in depth:

  • UX and UI advice
  • Flat and Materiel Design
  • 2016 Most Popular Colors
  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Illustrations
  • Animation

Check this out, because great design in your FileMaker solution helps you stand apart from the competition.  And that is what it’s all about at the end of the day.

Source: Graphic Design Trends 2016 | DesignContest

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