One Click update of a FileMaker Desktop solution

One Click Update

Giedrius Godelaitis of YZY Soft offers a new look at an old challenge:  How to simplify rolling out updates to clients:

Like every FileMaker developer, I was also looking for a bunch of different techniques to make my solution do what I want to do. I found lots of different and very useful techniques which helped me move forward and to growBenroy Business App to the level where it is right now.

It’s critical to deliver new updates when you develop commercial solution or development is separated from the main use. Usually you plan your updates, but sometimes you are required to do it very fast, because somebody found critical issues and it has to be fixed ASAP. So you do not want to think about routine updates at the moment, you just need to deliver it now. This post is about techniques which will let you update your FileMaker solution with just one click.

Godelaitis makes imaginative use of FileMaker Server to store updates and deliver them to the user automatically:

  • One click starts the process
  • After a users verifies the need for an update, the rest is automatic
  • Data is transferred from old files to new
  • It runs without any plugins
  • It uses one folder to do all the work
  • It works on FileMaker Runtime solutions
  • It does not work on files hosted on FileMaker Server

There is a free download at the link (simple registration required), and the demo is easy to set up.

Do you have a FileMaker Go file to update?  Check out this idea from Colibri. It hasn’t been updated to FileMaker 14, but the idea looks simple enough that it should work when updated to the fmp12 file format.  Let me know you are able to do so.

Source: One Click update of a FileMaker Pro solution on Desktop – YZY SOFT

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