Free URL Builder at Modular FileMaker

TODD GEIST posted a solution at Modular FileMaker that builds FileMaker URL’s on the fly – regular web URL’s and FMP URL’s both:

url ( "" ) &

urlBasicAuth ( "admin" ; "password" ) &
urlPath ( "contacts" ) &
urlPath ( "23345" ) &
urlParam ( "max" ; "100" ) &
urlParam ( "skip" ; "100" ) &

url ("") // always end the chain with this.

will return this:

Working with the web via URL’s is growing in importance, and a tool like this makes it easier.  Geist uses a custom function in his solution, but, if you don’t or can’t use Custom Functions, there is a script step equivalent for each step in the building process, along with instructions on use.

url Builder – Modular FileMaker.


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