FileMaker 13 Popovers – Part 1 – YouTube

MINDFIRE SOLUTIONS has started a new series of FileMaker 13 videos.  The first is on popovers:

This video is about the basics of a popover. It mentions what a popover is and how a simple popover button can be created along with the specified settings as well as the way to design it.

The Agenda of the popovers video is as below,

What is FileMaker popovers
The Basics of Popovers
Designing Popovers
Uses of Popovers
Popovers and Portals
Pros and Cons of popovers

Presenter: Anannyaa Panda, FileMaker Developer, Mindfire Solutions

Check ’em out!

FileMaker 13 Popovers – Part 1 – YouTube.

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