JavaScript Functions in FileMaker – SeedCode

JOHN SINDELAR of Seedcode shows how Javascript can really extend FileMaker’s capabilities and speed things up at the same time, both with UI tools and a library of other tools to work with code:

JavaScript Functions in FileMaker are Fast

Looping through 49,000 characters took our tail-recursive custom function almost 3 seconds.

The JavaScript version of the function looped through 10 times that much text–nearly 500,000 characters–in 3/10ths of a second.

And thanks to the improved fmp url in FileMaker 13, we can grab the results of functions like these quite easily. The movie below demos this and walks through our example file. It also gives a nice side-effect-demo of how webviewers get their own thread in FileMaker Pro and what that may mean for trying to measure performance.

There’s a video at the link, also.  The increase in speed and capability over native FileMaker is impressive!

JavaScript Functions in FileMaker – SeedCode.

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