FileMaker Test Data Generator

Mislav Kov has an informative post on generating sample data for different tables using custom functions, and he went the extra mile with a demo file and a video to help you out.

Kov started with a Modular FileMaker solution  and made it better:

There’s also a custom function in there that selects a random value from a value list that you specify.

Now I’ve gotten in the habit of creating a script for each entity (table) that I have to create test data for. The script fills in all of the fields using the custom functions. I place a button to call the script on the layouts where I need it for testing, and I use the FileMaker 13 “Hide object when” feature to hide the button when the user is not a full access user.

Setting up the script takes a few minutes, but it’s well worth it, because it then becomes quick and easy to create realistic test data.


Give it try…

Source: Test Data Generator


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