FileMaker 14 Script Triggers – and more

Mislav Kov, of Soliant Computing, put together a very detailed post on FileMaker 14 Script Triggers, and included a bonus: a journey back to the first script triggers in FileMaker 7:

FileMaker 7 and earlier

  • Total number of triggers: 2 (OnFileOpen and OnFileClose)
  • These were renamed to OnFirstWindowOpen and OnFirstWindowClose in FileMaker 12


Just two script triggers, but they made life easier at the time.  Fast forward to FileMaker 14, and now there are 26:


Be sure to read the whole post:  Kov describes how script triggers work (in detail):

Some script triggers are processed before the triggering event is processed, and others are processed after it. For example, if you click into a field, FileMaker will enter the field, and then the OnObjectEnter trigger will activate. This is referred to as a post-event trigger. However, if you click out of a field, the OnObjectExit trigger will activate before FileMaker exits the field, since it is a pre-event trigger.

He finished up with a good look at the new FileMaker 14 Script Triggers:

  • OnObjectAVPlayerChange
  • OnFileAVPlayerChange
  • OnExternalCommandReceived

These triggers are iOS-only, and their function is to provide developers with the ability to control what happens when audio, video, and image media is played, paused or stopped using the iOS A/V Player.

If you develop for FileMaker Go, you’ll want to study these closely.

Source: FileMaker 14 Script Triggers

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