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I’VE DEVELOPED FILEMAKER SOLUTIONS for many types of businesses and read about many more, but haven’t come across a solution for a car wash until now.  And for a bonus, it appeared in the NY Times!

Brian Janezic, 27, was in the equipment room of one of the two Auto Wash Express self-service locations he owns in Tucson, going through his cleaning supplies and vending machine items to determine what to reorder, when it hit him. “We have machines that automatically size and wash a car, mix chemicals, activate pumps, turn on lights — and here I am still counting inventory by hand.”

An online search introduced him to FileMaker Pro, a software product well suited to small businesses and tailored to the iPads that Mr. Janezic envisioned for himself and his three remote employees — not to mention the employees serving the six Arizona Auto Wash Express locations owned by his parents. “Now we can pull up any of our sites and see what’s on hand,” he said, adding that the FileMaker software “creates a PDF of a purchase order for us to send to one of our local suppliers or an online supplier.”

FileMaker’s ease of development and versatility make it a natural for small businesses.

via Finding Ways to Use Big Data to Help Small Shops –

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