Extending FileMaker’s PDF capabilities with PDFtk Server | FileMakerHacks

AS MOST OF YOU KNOW, FileMaker Pro does a pretty good job making pdf’s, either a single output job from a single layout, or stringing several output jobs together from several layouts and producing a single pdf document at the end.

Easy enough.

Kevin Frank at FileMakerHacks had a more challenging problem:

But what if you have existing multipage PDFs stored in container fields, and want to combine them into a larger PDF? This is something FileMaker cannot do natively. Recently I had a need to do just this, and happened to mention it to Jon Rosen at ErgoSoma, who suggested I take a look at a cross-platform utility called PDFtk Server.

Check out the solution at the link.  And be sure to read the comment by Douglas Alder for a possible different Mac solution.  

Extending FileMaker’s PDF capabilities with PDFtk Server | FileMakerHacks.



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