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I have posted another article on FileMaker Go in years past, but I just wanted to update it with some practical uses. Just kind of a heads up.

The idea is to go into the iTunes app area and add whatever databases you want on your devices that are running Filemaker Go. I put in my DVD/Blu-ray and Wine database. I especially want this on my iPhone for when I am out and about.

Case in point, today at a local retailer. I was looking through a bunch of discount Blu-rays and came across one that I liked, but could not remember if I had it or not. So, out comes the iPhone. I open FileMaker Go and the DVD database. It came up in single record mode so I selected the list mode. I scrolled down (alphabetical order) and discovered that I already had that DVD. That is what I call handy.

Here is a sample of what the individual records look like, I designed it in FileMaker Pro v. 12:


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