Business Minute 14

This week we continue to delve into the details of systematizing a business.  Step #8 of the nine steps: Operations Manual

When you start a business, it is not clearly defined. You may have created a Business Plan, but that plan does not fully describe the operation of your business, just an overview. A System Manual or Operations Manual fully describes the operation of your business.

When you started your business, you may have expected to fill in the details of its operation in time. In the beginning business owners tell and show how the jobs in the business should be executed. This can’t go on forever! As the business expands, then more and more of your time will be taken up telling and showing and this means that: firstly, you have no time to perform your own role, and then secondly, you have no time to perform any role except telling and showing, and then eventually the business crashes because you can’t be telling and showing everyone all the time, and you haven’t allowed time for building your business in a sustainable way.

Click here to learn more about making an Operations Manual.

In the next Business Minute we will be covering the 9th step: Management Systems.





Business Minute 14

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