FileMaker DevCon Challenge – Help a NonProfit

Kudos to FileMaker and Soliant Computing for their idea to help a nonprofit in Las Vegas, the site of this years DevCon:

During the conference, small teams will demonstrate their creativity and expertise, competing to design the best custom app to help three Las Vegas area nonprofits

Why this event?

Last year, we heard from many DevCon attendees that they wanted a way to make a difference in the local community where DevCon was taking place. What better way to help than to use our development skills? When we spoke with nonprofits in the area, it was clear that the FileMaker Platform could transform the way they work and help their teams become more efficient. We are providing the three nonprofits with a two-year license for FileMaker Licensing for Teams, and each is receiving a free registration to the FileMaker Developer Conference to get them started on the platform.

Who is the sponsor?

Soliant Consulting, a service firm that develops FileMaker custom apps for small and large businesses, is excited to sponsor the event. This year they started a a philanthropy program of their own. They were responsible for choosing the final three nonprofits and have been working closely with them to gather the requirements for the custom apps. They will manage the contest at DevCon and help to present the awards.


How to participate

The event is open to all registered attendees of the FileMaker Developer Conference 2016, regardless of experience level. To express your interest, please fill out this registration form. The form will be available until June 20th at 6am (PDT), when we’ll start to choose the participants. Note that FileMaker and Soliant employees are not eligible to compete.

This is a great idea, and I hope the non-profits do well with their new apps. If you are developing an app, let me know. Let’s do an video interview while at Devcon to share your experience.

Source: FileMaker Developer Conference 2016 | July 18-21, 2016 – Las Vegas, NV

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