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More on iBeacons, starting with Martha Zink at Soliant.  Her example illustrates iBeacons in a museum:

Zink shows how to collect the data and use it to track clicks on various exhibits, graphing the resulting data for more impactful experience for the museum owners/operators.

James Wesolowski, of Colibri Solutions, looks at iBeacons and focuses on data collection using some custom functions he built, and includes a downloadable example file, as well:  FileMaker and iBeacons: The Proximity Effect + Free Demo Download

This is cool:

The Gorilla Foundation relies on mobile apps to interact with and help care for their gorillas. Find out what they can do through technology….

“We’d been using Filemaker for about 10 years, but in a more conventional way for business purposes, such as in-house tasks and customized things,” Dr. Stanley told me. “Previously we’d relied on handwritten notebooks for gorilla research and care data, which wasn’t particularly advantageous in sharing details. At some point it became clear that caregivers could make use of Filemaker to share data for better insights.

Gorilla Foundation using an FileMaker on an iPad
Gorilla Foundation using an FileMaker on an iPad

Source: A walk on the wild side: Communicating with gorillas through a mobile app – TechRepublic

And a little Postmodern Jukebox to start the weekend:

PostModern Jukebox puts on one hell of an entertaining show, and seems to be on the road a lot.   Tickets are available here.

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