FileMaker Data Migration Tool

FileMaker Data Migration Tool

The new FileMaker Data Migration Tool (available only through a FileMaker Developer Subscription) is probably one of the most appreciated new features in the FileMaker 17 release.  By developers, for sure.  But any business using FileMaker solutions should also rejoice. Using the Data Migration Tool will significant development time moving data from one beta version to another.  It will also save time if the unthinkable happens and you need to recover data from a damaged file.

The Data Migration Tool is a command line interface tool for both the Mac and Windows platform, which might scare away many users.  No need to worry, though. There are two FileMaker databases linked below that take the sting out of using this new tool.

Let’s start with a short video about the Data Migration Tool from Matt Hintz of Soliant Consulting:

What else can it do?

Now that you have a handle on the migration tool, let’s see how to use it to recover a damaged file:

Mislav Kov relates his first use of the Data Migration Tool to help recover a large (1.2GB) damaged file.  Worth reading before you try the same, as he relates each step in the process he took until he recovered the database. Read through to the end – he tells you how to save time by avoiding those steps that did not work.

Source: FileMaker Data Migration Tool: Recover from a Damaged File

Free FileMaker Example Files

Check out IT Solutions three-part (with part four coming soon) series on the Data Migration Tool – this is something you do not want to miss.

FileMaker 17: Data Migration Tool – Part One | IT Solutions

FileMaker 17: Data Migration Tool – Part Two | IT Solutions

FileMaker 17: Data Migration Tool – Part Three | IT Solutions

The Free FileMaker Example File download link is in Part Two.

Productive Computing offer a free download, as well, and it makes using the command line tool much easier.  Check out their video for more details:

Check back next week

I’ll taking a look at the Master-Detail portal feature and the new FileMaker Add-On Table feature.  There’s a lot to learn!  And if you want to know more about all the new FileMaker 17 features, click here.


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