More FileMaker 17 Information

FileMaker 17 Information

Don’t look now, but there is a lot of information coming out about FileMaker 17 new features.

Geist Interactive’s headline seems to indicate a problem with FileMaker 17 for the author…don’t be fooled.  It focuses on the fact that FileMaker 17 added major features to the FileMaker Platform, such as the Data API, the Data Migration Tool (more on that below), business logic improvements, and the blending of FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced into the same product:

FileMaker 17 – Why I Don’t Care About 17, But Love the FileMaker Platform

Data Migration Tool

Speaking of the FileMaker Data Migration Tool (DMT), IT Solutions three-part (soon to be four) series on DMT is something you do not want to miss.

Source: FileMaker 17: Data Migration Tool – Part One | IT Solutions

Source: FileMaker 17: Data Migration Tool – Part Two | IT Solutions

Source: FileMaker 17: Data Migration Tool – Part Three | IT Solutions

Don’t miss the Free FileMaker Example File download link in Part One.  Colin Keefe, the author, makes it easy to jump on board this train.

More DMT

Productive Computing also released a Free FileMaker Example File that automates the DMT process:

Free Tool: FM Data Migration Assistant by Productive Computing

You’ll need to sign up for the free course and download here.  And don’t miss the free FM Server Management course while you are there.  The Productive University concept looks intriguing – you can sign up for free and paid courses.  And the online interface is worth studying, too.  Impressive.

FileMaker Pro Advanced and FileMaker Pro become one

There is now a checkbox in the Preferences that toggles FileMaker between plain old FileMaker Pro and FileMaker Pro Advanced.  No extra cost for the user. LuminFire provides the details here.

Tip:  You’ll learn what to change to hide that feature, if desired.

BaseElements 17

Not Base Elements, the plugin, but BaseElements the database analysis tool, has been updated to be compatible with FileMaker 17.  Learn more here.


Check out some interesting solutions put together by iSolutions as part of the FileMaker 17 rollout, including four demo videos.  It’s worth the time to watch all of them.

Tech Specs for FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced and FileMaker Server 17

Just in case you missed these:

Technical Specifications | FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced

Review technical specifications and recommended system requirements for FileMaker Pro 17 Advanced.

Technical Specifications | FileMaker Server 17

Review technical specifications and recommended system requirements for FileMaker Server 17 and FileMaker WebDirect.

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